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Daniel Lehman - Team Lead

dlehman@s1lending.com | 760-655-1405

Daniel's main role is to work with clients and ensure that they are well taken care of, and that their loan is best suited to their financial goals.  Secondly, through Daniel's books, courses, workshops and work with the local real estate community, Daniel advocates for home ownership as the cornerstone of a family's financial security.  Last - Daniel ensures that our team is in the best possible position to serve our clients well by making sure that team members are supported, trained, and feel like they are always progressing...  (more)

Amber Cassen - Production Manager

acassen@s1lending.com | 760-655-1406

Amber's job starts when a buyer finds the perfect home, or a homeowner decides to refinance their home.  Amber's main roles include helping clients through the pre-approval process and assisting Daniel in the structuring of loans and facilitation of our clients planning...  (more)

Brandy Orell - Loan Processor

borell@s1lending.com | 760-655-1407

Brandy's role in the team starts at the acceptance of a contract to buy a home, or the decision to refinance a home.  Brandy expertly works through files, looks for any potential hazards, as well as opportunities to ensure the most efficient process possible... (more) 

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