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Opportunity Cost

I talk to a lot of military families, and they are justifiably nervous about the risk of buying. It's a completely legitimate concern, and the risk is real. Military life as it relates to buying a home is complex when you consider the issues related to timeline instability due to PCS moves, deployments, etc. So I spend a lot of time making sure my clients understand the potential pitfalls of buying...

BUT - there is a flip side.

If you look at the risk of buying, you have to spend equal time considering the risk of NOT buying. I have a chart that sums it up pretty well. It's probably slightly outdated by the time you read this - but you'll get the gist. There is risk to buying, but there is also risk associated with handing your BAH over to a creepy landlord. (I wonder if my tenants think I'm creepy?)

Alright - here is the chart. Enjoy!

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